This Saturday night Welter weight champ Manny Pacquiao was victorious over old foe Juan Manuel Marquez. This is actually the third fight between Pacquiao and Marquez. The first fight was a draw, the second time Pacquiao won based on split decision, and tonight he maintained his title with a majority decision.

This was an extremely very close fight and the audience booed when the decision was announced. Pacquiao looked fatigue as Marquez landed some hard blows. Marquez recently admitted to have stopped drinking his own urine during training. I don’t know if this helpoed or hurt him for this one. “Pac Man” admits to not being at the top of his game this time, but says he clearly won the fight.  Pacquiao is on a winning streak with his fifteenth straight fight.

Of course now all the people want to see is the ultimate showdown between him and Floyd Mayweather. I am sure this fight is going to go down because there is too much money to be made.  Pacquiao says his promoter will be picking his fights and is going back to the Philippines in the meantime. After tonight’s performance do you think Pacquiao is ready to go up against money Mayweather in May? Some say Mayweather is ducking the fight and other thinks vice versa. Either way I’ve been watching HBO’s 24/7 and Pacquiao appears not to be hurting for much. He just bought himself a new lamborghini and seems happy. I can’t wait until this matchup is set in stone.