I saw this over at WIVB, there was a shooting on Saturday 11/16/13, instead of the shooter being arrested, the restaurant owner was arrested and charged with second degree criminal nuisance.

The owner of Yings, 52-year-old Haibo Jiang, a.k.a. Jim Ying, was arrested and charged with second degree criminal nuisance. Since September 14, Ying has hosted alcohol-free dance parties for young adults, and police say there has been an ongoing problem at the restaurant.

"There's no alcohol involved, no fighting inside the store. We heard the shots, we shut off the music, we said no more. Last night I felt sorry, I felt embarrassed. it happened in our parking lot," Ying said.

This is the fifth time Ying has been given a criminal nuisance ticket. But he says party-goers are frisked on their way in, and he doesn't believe anyone could have gotten a gun inside.

Something about this doesn't make sense to me. Why is the restaurant owner being arrested for this he didn't shoot any one? Second of all who just stands out side of a party on a roof shooting video ? This all seems kind of suspect the police have been complaining about this party since it first started.

I don't want to jump to conclusions but let me run down all the facts;

  • Some one gets shot out side of a party, at the place that just happened to file a complaint against the police for discrimination.
  • This all seems very coincidental until the police just happen to find "witness" video at a perfect angle and charge the restaurant owner with a crime ?

This all seems very suspect like the police sat back and waited for something to happen now they want to say "I told you so" and arrest the owner. People will rush to judge and say "these kids" don't know how to act, but what happened to crime prevention ? Young people are going to find a place to party and it seems like the only step for prevention of incidents like this is to not allow parties. That isn't going to ever work.

I'm glad Errick Roseboro (the guy who was shot), is still alive. Lets talk about crime prevention instead of all this finger pointing between the restaurant owner and the police department.