If you have a Facebook page, you're likely to have seen some pretty racy pictures posted from time to time and have wondered why some people expose themselves the way they do on this Social Networking platform.

On the other hand you may feel like it's very appropriate because you're proud os your physique and want to flaunt it ... and whoever doesn't like, doesn't have to look ...and shouldn't even have an opinion.

Well, I'm asking your opinion.  Based on the picture posted with this blog; do you agree that being half clothed and sexy makes you more popular on FB or does it make you look foolish?  You more than likely get tons of friend requests when you post sexy pix... but are the people who befriend you truly your friends.


Would or do "Real Friends" encourage others to post sexy pictures or do "Real Friends" tell their friend to chill out?

Comment below and tell us what you think!