We have a number of issues and concerns that are going on in our community. I received a message from a listener yesterday that asked if I noticed how quiet and clean the streets of the inner city was yesterday do to the Islamic holiday of Ramadan and the closing of a number of Arab owned businesses in the community. There were no young men and women hanging out in front of these businesses like they are when these stores and establishments are open. The gentleman continued on to ask have we given up our power in our own community and have now become solely dependent on others to supply us with the necessities for our everyday lives?

Then we have the start of the new school year just days away and a group of residents that would like to see an end to out-of-school suspensions and punishment for non-violent students in the district.

Maybe you have a satisfaction or dissatisfaction with politics, the economy, and the local, state, and federal government.

 What about some solutions, I’m sure the community would love to hear those!

So today, on Know Thyself Community Wednesday what would you like to discuss?

The lines are wide open for you to call in with your comments at 6-4-4-93-93.