OMFG!!!! I am sooo excited!!!!!!! New photos have been released to promote the new season of The Game!! I am (like millions of others) a HUGE HUGE fan of The Game!!! New pics and videos...

Here is a promo video for the new season that starts January 11. Also new pics below!!

I just LOVE LOVE these two!!! I am so excited to see what happens next with Derwin and Melanie. Last episode of the season they finally got married AND Derwin Jr. was just born...but it's not Melanie's baby. Eekk!

"Hey gay booyy!!"  The comedy is back- Tasha and Malik are amazing!!! She absolutely cracks me up!! Maybe because she reminds me so much of my mother??

Will they or won't they??? Even though I think Jason Pitts looks so cute with Stacy Dash there is a soft spot in my heart for Jason and Kelly to reunite.