Showcase Features

Talk about COMFORT. O'Donnell Heating & Air Conditioning has put together a showcase to make your home as comfortable as possible no matter what the season.

Merit 13ACX Air Conditioner from Lennox

Economical, reliable home cooling
commercial air conditioning system

Merit® Series 13ACX Air Conditioner
Economical, environmentally responsible home cooling
Quiet Operation
Sound levelsas low as 76 dB
Direct-drive fanprecision-balanced direct-drive outdoor fan is designed to provide quieter operation and longer product life
Home Comfort
Dependable scroll compressorprovides smooth, efficient and reliable operation
Designed to work with the Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system*
Efficiency rating of up to 13.00 SEERcan save you hundreds of dollars a year, compared to a standard air conditioner
High-efficiency outdoor coilprovides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high-efficiency operation

VALUED AT: $3,000

Elite Series EL195 High Effciency Furance

Maximum energy savings and comfort are yours with the EL195 furnace. A low-speed fan efficiently and quietly controls the flow of air, which means you can stay warm for less.

VALUED AT: $3,600

Healthy Climate Humidifier

Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Power Humidifier
Powerful humidification for enhanced air quality and comfort

The Healthy Climate® Power Humidifier attaches to your furnace or air handler and adds moisture to air moving through the duct system. A built-in fan allows the unit to circulate humidified air even when your heating system is not in operation.


Honeywell PRO4000 Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell PRO 4000 is a programmable digital thermostat from Honeywell that can be installed in your home to provide basic comfort control with the added benefit of energy savings. Also known as part number TH4110D1007.

The Honeywell TH4110D1007 differs from the the Honeywell TH4210D1005 in that it has only one heat stage, whereas the TH4210D1005 has two heat stages. Both of these model numbers, however, are Honeywell PRO 4000 Thermostats.

The PRO-4000 Programable Thermostat Features:

Digital Backlit Display - easy to read in any lighting condition
Basic Operation - easy to use interface
Precise Comfort Control - high level of accuracy (+/- 1 degree F)
Built-In Instructions
Weekday/Weekend Programming - 5-2 programming to fit your lifestyle
Energy Star Compliant

One of the key features of the PRO4000 Thermostat is the programming feature. Programming the tempature in your home to fit your needs is not only engergy efficient but it saves you money! Going on a trip over the weekend? Program your thermastat to turn on the day before you get back and walk into your comfortable energy efficient home! If used as directed this programmable thermastat can save you up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs.


Professional Installation

The O'Donnell team will professionally install all these items plus a home air filter. Choosing this showcase will ensure your family's comfort in your home for years to come