Protesters coast to coast are clashing – in what could be the biggest up rise from the American people, since the start of the American Revolution in 1775. Judges from multiple jurisdictions have begun acting on this movement, known as “The Occupy Movement”.

On Monday (November 15), Police in riot gear started clearing out protesters, after New York Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman issued a Court Order evicting people who have camped out in Zuccotti Park for the past two months.

In Suffolk County, Massachusetts yesterday (November 16), Superior Court Judge Frances A. McIntyre stepped in and issued a restraining order against the City of Boston, barring them from evicting anyone from encampments unless there is an “outbreak of violence”, she ruled.

Today (November 17th), is known as #N17 (Global Day of Action) to the Occupy Movement, and I’ve found a live feed from the New York movement, courtesy of Tim from ‘The Other 99':