I would profoundly state that the 2012 Presidential Election is the single most important election in the History of the United States...at least from the perspective of who I am.  I am African-American and although some may see the Obama re-election as simply a result of one man getting more votes than another... I see it much, much differently! It's Eye-Opening!!! We live in a different America, and this election defines it emphatically and conclusively!!!!  The America that Martin Luther King Jr. prophesied about seems to be on it's way...and it's the younger generation that will seemingly bring it to fruition.

"Out With The Old and In With The New" is ringing from the mountaintops!!!...as are hints of a possible end to WIDESPREAD Racism, and a forgiving, Faith based and renewed YOUNG AMERICA! The United States of America is FOREVER CHANGED!

The Re-Election of Barack Obama for another four years is exemplary of not only a CONFIRMED new attitude in America but also indicative of a brand new Cultural Make-Up in America.  The United States of America we once new is no longer a White America...that day is done, gone and over forever.  As the Republican campaign appeal mimicked and was dependent upon a "Good Old Boys' Network" mentality...it didn't work out because the NEW AMERICA is COLORLESS with it's imagery ironically epitomized by a picture of single parent White Mom and her literal African bred son named Barack Obama!










This election also establishes a Liberal America that's tired of being told by government that our women are not in control of their own bodies, or that we can't legally love who we want to, or that contaminated cigarette smoke is "ok" for us to consume while herbal smoke is against the law, or that we will never be able to settle our differences and live peacefully on this earth TOGETHER with other countries who think, look, and live differently than we do.  America is no longer CONTROLLED BY POLITICS... the new America is finally CONTROLLED BY A COLORLESS UNITED MAJORITY!  Anyone who isn't on that page is equivalent to someone still using a Windows 98 operating system...or better yet...a typewriter!!!


The Re-Election of the 44TH President of the United States for another 4-Year Term may aslo have hints of a more Faith-Based society that shows signs of a Biblical Storybook Fictional Character (in some people's opinion) named Jesus Christ.  The non-factual character, Jesus Christ, promotes forgiveness and a blind faith attitude in times of uncertainty...and although many have complained that President Obama has not done what he originally promised, people seemingly reached inside their hearts and chose to look beyond the mistakes and believe that another chance will prove positive for all of us...a Christlike attitude!

The America we're seeing, as represented by the numbers coming out of polling booths, machines and documents across this nation, is one such that we will likely never re-visit the remnant portrait of the United States of "OLD" ever again.  A new YOUTHFUL Spirit and PIC has received a huge "LIKE" across color, economic, and age bracket lines which sends a new "friend request" message to the rest of the world with an anticipated celebrated acceptance, forming an alliance that solidifies the attitudes of Robert F. Kennedy, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. and The Lord Jesus Christ himself...as fictional as some might believe HE is.

My Personal Congratulations to America, & President Re-Elect, Barack Obama!

44TH President Re-Elect, Barack Obama's Victory Speech:

Mitt Romney's Concession Speech: