I'm having a hard time getting my head around this!  It's a fact that Slavery "Officially" ended on this day in 1799...BUT....there's a little know addendum to that ruling.  The STATE OF NEW YORK became a "Free State"...meaning Slavery was over, banned, illegal, etc... as of 1799 with respect to the "STATE OF NEW YORK".... HOWEVER..... that only applied to any potential FUTURE SLAVES...and to "THE STATE"!  

The stipulation for "Current Slaves" and Slave Owners was such that Slaves who were currently slaving were not released from their classification of "Slave" until 1827!  

Wow...maybe that's why it's taking so long to arrest George Zimmerman.... these type of matters take time you know!  UNBELIEVABLE!

This information is not something I was aware of until I prepared the news for The Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning and noticed that one of the news sources (which lists things that happened "Today In History") listed the fact that New York State abolished Slavery today in 1799.  But delving into that info I found that it was valid in writing and "on the books" (so to speak), but OH NO...not for those (as George Zimmerman would say it) f*#$!^@ Coons until almost 30 years later !  

I'm being facetious and I know "Zimmerman" is NOT representative of all Non-Blacks in this Country; he only represents the ignorant Americans (some of whom...unfortunately... still exist).

Anyway, despite the facts surrounding Slavery and the abolishment of it, I am having such a hard time getting my head around how it's even possible for Slavery to ever have existed!  I mean really...I'll be damned if, say in today's society, there was a directive to gather up all Black people and shackle their legs and enslave us...AND...if any of us are uncooperative, the mandate is to hang us from a tree...PUBLICLY!  HUH!!!!!!  Who! WHo! WHOOOOOO in their "right mind" would go for that without some serious....and I mean SERIOUS....FIGHTING BACK (in which we would take-over and win the battle)....WHOOOOOOOO would stand for it?????  

So while processing that question and thought, I realized that our ancestors DID STAND FOR IT and just went along with it.... AMAZING!!!!  Were they STUPID?

As I continued to be baffled as to how one set of people could actually BRAINWASH another set of people into believing they have to comply with foolish orders to the extent they take on the mindset of an Elephant running from a mouse...I wondered...How does that happen!?  ....then, all of a sudden...EUREKA!...my mind quickly switched to 2012...and I was saddened!  I realized that "Today In 1779" IS significant in that Slavery was legally and technically abolished in NY State in 1799, AND that although it took almost 30 years for the ruling to actually impact "us" physically....(I realized that)... WE HAVE YET TO FREE OURSELVES!  We still FOLLOW and DO AS WE'RE TOLD...and we're still being lynched (shot in "self defense" in places like Sanford, FL).

I thought of Trayvon Martin's shooting death where a man was ALLOWED to publicly shoot (lynch) a "F*#^&@ COON"(the term allegedly used by George Zimmerman) and walk away free...as directed by the ultimate overseers of the Community (Plantation)... The Sanford Police Department ("Massah"..."The Slave Owners").   I thought about the lyrics in the majority of music that impacts our community these days...primarily funded by Non-Black Owned Record Companies...who capitalize monetarily from the sale of songs that tell our young men how to revere our young women... as sex objects... and tells our young women how to disrespect themselves.  Then there are the videos, designed to compliment the same mindset, with a visual education using images to show our young people how low they should sag and how sexy they should dress to be accepted as a "Cool" SLAVE!!!!!  There are many other Symbolic incidents which suggest a sort of "Modern Day Slavery" ...like the Al Jolson "Enterrtain Me Negro" Mentality associated with our Sports figures such that Multi-Million dollar paychecks keep them "in their rightful place in society"... while providing a distraction for them...and our young people who idolize them...from being exposed to the Political, Medical, Teaching, etc careers, which may not pay as much, but will truly make a difference in the world.

Yes, "On This Day In 1779 Slavery Was Abolished"...but 233 years later it still remains on the books as a pacification tool, an ingenious means of trickery, in that...WE believe we are FREE from SLAVERY...which we are... but the problem however lies in the fact that the very freedom we've been "given" should have been embraced as an opportunity for advancement, independence, pride, ownership, dignity, and an avenue by which we could make a REAL difference and utilize our talents and brainpower outside of the box given us in which to operate.  Rather, we use our Freedom to FREELY continue to follow the path paved for us by someone else... we continue to follow the enticing Blueprint designed for us to "STAY IN OUR LANE" ...all because we are too BLIND to draw one up for ourselves.

Congratulations and Happy "End Of Slavery" Anniversary Day!!!!!!!  (Let it mean something to you and truly end your personal slavery and start your personal Freedom today...it will be infectious).