Kid doesn't want to pay his fare to go across town and the bus driver wasn't having it. The kid continued in disrespect and ended up... Well.... You'll see:


Via Gothamist:

The (NSFW) video of the encounter begins with the Q112 driver telling the boy, “The only way you’re getting out is through the fucking window.”

“You drive a bus! What the fuck is wrong with you?” the boy responds, adding, “If I was a grown man, you’d be doing this?”

“If you was a grown man you’d have paid your fucking fare!” the driver retorts.

According to the Daily News, the boy is 16-year-old Kobe Vaughn. After the driver shoved Vaughn off his bus, the teenager allegedly threw a trash can at the door, damaging it. He is charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief. The driver has not been charged.

An MTA spokesman said that the incident is under investigation. A transit source told the paper, “He’s done. There’s no way he’s getting out of that one.”