Middle school bullies in suburban Rochester, NY tease, taunt and poke the Bus monitor and then post the harassing video on Youtube.

The victim Karen Klein, an employee of the Greece Central School District for 20 years said the comment that hurt the most was when the kids said "you're so ugly your kid should kill themselves." Her son took his life 10 years ago. Watch the 10 minute cell phone video below and think, what if that was your grandmother being teased to tears!    Warning: extremely foul language

This story is gaining nationwide attention, as people feel a deep connection with this helpless woman. She looks like someone we've all seen, either in our own family, school or doctor's office.

It is very clear that children of today have no respect for their elders and really do think that they can do whatever they want with their cell phone and social network!

We as a community have to start with our own kids and teach them RESPECT and the Golden Rule,

 "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you!"