I had a SPECTACULAR time Friday and Sunday, and it had nothing to do with a club, a party or a concert, but two hours of Very. Real. Talk. "No Stage" is a journey completely worth taking.

Proud Buffalonian Poet Archie The Messenger and Queens native Jo'rell Whitfield bring the truths of today to the stage (positive AND negative) in a deep, yet very funny presentation.

Archie and Lyrical the Lyricist (aka Jo'rell) cover everything from life as young kids, to the importance of choosing priority over the party, to the corruption that is "running things" around here, relationships, and even some topics we cover on WBLK with our Know Thyself movement. They even incorporated crucial Buffalo events that developed only today! It's safe to say they did their research.

I was captivated from beginning to end. The show was very audience-friendly. Archie came center stage in the first moments after the lights dimmed and rose again to give us three rules. One of those three? Have a great time! Audience interaction was a must!

The flow subjects was seamless. the blend and mixing of Archie and Lyrical the Lyricist's stories was flawless. The combination of monologues and spoken word moments was amazing, and the two poets clearly have an unmatched understanding of this show. Bouncing between one another at times, and just echoing the sentiments was such an artistic treat!

I recommend EVERYONE go see this show because it's entertainment, it's deep and it's real. The whole concept of "No Stage" is to say that, in life there IS no stage, so they are, indeed, spittin' real life, not a just a staged series of stories. Truth.

Archie and Lyrical the Lyricist have toured all over the country with this show for 10 years and it's finally here in Archie's hometown. It felt so good to support  one of our own and, as the rule required, we enjoyed! :)

****"No Stage"  played at the Road Less Traveled Theatre (inside the Market Arcade in Downtown Buffalo).****


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