Is your hair stylist the nicest in WNY? Nominate him or her now!

Vince Bucci, Getty Images Entertainment

Having great looking hair can make ore break your day, right!? But having an amazing stylist can make you feel like a million bucks!

Since I moved to Buffalo, almost a year ago, I met tons of hair stylists, but I am very curious as to who is the best in Buffalo. Best is defined, to me at least, by who has not only the technical skills, but also the creative vision to take your hair from average to fly and on fleek!

The best stylist is that person who can save the day when something tragic happens with your hair, from heat damage to you trying to get a deep red color from a home hair dye kit! So drop the name of the stylist who fits the bill, once the nominations are in, I'll have a poll up for you to vote, so we can find out once and for all who is the best!

***Nominations are closed***

Please vote HERE!

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