According to WVIB, A sex offender who admits he preyed on a child, won't spend a day behind bars. On Monday, 37-year-old Alex Belec of Olean received six years "sex offender" probation, which means he will be closely watched. He previously pleaded guilty to sex abuse and second degree sexual conduct against a child under the age of 11. Wait a minute I am so confused, this man was on trial for sex abuse, he pleaded guilty and HE STILL DOESN'T GO TO JAIL. What is going on with the legal system in Western NY. It seems like the more serious the crime the more likely you are to get off. Maybe he had the same lawyer as the doctor who got away with murder while being a drunk driver. Welcome every one involved with this case into the BIG DUMMY FILES. The man admitted he was guilty of child molestation and he still doesn't go to jail. This is a sad situation, I feel bad for the family of the victim.