Jay Z and Beyonce aren't the only hip-hop couple who can put together a tour. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are headed down the same road.

According to TMZ, the two rappers, who are rumored to be dating, are performing together in Nicki's hometown of New York City at the Copacabana club on Saturday (Feb. 13) for NBA All-Star Weekend. They'll also head to Charlotte, N.C., later this month to do another gig, where they'll likely perform their collaboration "Buy A Heart," off her The Pinkprint album.

There's even talk of a world tour for the pair, with the Young Money rapper serving as the headliner. News is that Queen Barbz will make twice as much Meek during the performance trek, which makes total sense based on the number of albums she's sold so far -- he only has one LP out compared to her three.

The tour rumors come on the heels of new Instagram photos that show both lyricists being affectionate towards each other. One images shows them at a video shoot getting cozy while another finds the Philly native holding his lady close.

So far, they've never admitted they're dating -- Minaj said they're just friends. Accoridng to her, it's weird that people are talking about them so much because they've been friendly for several years.

"Sometimes we hang out, and when we hang out, we have fun," she said in an interview with Vogue. "This is what I want to say about him: People think for some strange reason that we just started becoming friends recently. We've been friends for a very, very long time, and he's been around for a lot of things that I've gone through. And that's all I'll say about that."

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