The is reporting that the NFL is offering $5000 in cash to fans who were kicked out of their seats at the Super Bowl.

400 fans with legitimate tickets were told to leave the Super Bowl because their seats were deemed to be a fire hazard. The NFL took a lot of heat for this action and are now facing a class action lawsuit by the 400 fans who lost out on the Super Bowl experience.

One catch to the $5000 offer, If the fans accept the offer they will not be able to participate any longer in the class action lawsuit.

I don't know, $5000 doesn't seem like much when you factor in the cost of your seats, hotel, transportation, food. and what ever else these people paid to go to the game. Not to mention losing out on watching their team play in the big game. who knows when or if they'll ever make it there again. The NFL would have to triple that offer for me to accept it.