When I played High School and College Football, my personal mindset was to Blast, Bust, Run Through, Hit, etc... any opposing player, AS HARD AS POSSIBLE, to the extent that they would NEVER, EVER, EVER WANT TO EVEN DREAM ABOUT GETTING UP!!!!  This was not something taught... it was innate. Just as some people have whatever it takes to do certain jobs or perform certain talents.... a Real Football Player is born with an aggressive nature (while playing)  such that when you put on a football uniform, you become transformed mentally... you are not yourself until the helmet and pads come off.  If you've never played the game and don't have it "IN YOU", you will not understand what I'm saying.  But please understand this... what you see and understand as "football", when you watch it on television, is as far far removed from reality as the east is from the west.  Football players....ALL OF THEM (with the exception of the Quarterback and Kickers) are CRAZY, VIOLENT, and AGGRESSIVE!...with that said, the idea that players attempt to hurt other players is so appropriately a part of the game as is a boxer attempting and wanting to knock his / her opponent out.  Hell, even while playing Madden, I'm always hoping I can get to the star player of the other team and injure him so he can't continue the game.


This big debate going on regarding NFL players aiming to maim & injure their opponents is seemingly a brand new issue...IT IS NOT...it's always been that way... that mentality in the NFL is as old as Methuselah !!!  So the new rules regarding how you can or cannot tackle or hit another player, etc... are RIDICULOUS!  However, here's where the problem arises; Players are paid PHENOMENAL SALARIES to play this game..AND...there are legitimate Spiffs and Bonuses players receive for playing well beyond their salaries... and that's great!  Getting paid extra money for hurting, maiming, "taking another player out", etc is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!  Now you create an atmosphere where the very wealthy who gamble on games, can entice players to do bodily harm to other players before the game even begins.  Imagine a player being paid MILLIONS to make sure a star player never makes it to the game... and then we hear about a suspected homicide!  While football "is what it is", which includes an aggressive mentality to the extent that players are trying to take other players out of the game due to injury... the "Pay For Pain" situation is completely inappropriate and is an open door for potentially tragic events ...on and off the field.

So what do you think?  (BTW...I've included a video of NASTY HITS in this Blog for your enjoyment :)