We Back! Welcome to NewTube Thursday starring the hottest new videos to hit the web. Actor/Singer Chris Brown brings the theatrics in his new video "Don't Judge Me",  Jaden Smith proves why Generation Z is "The Coolest", Juicy J - well you already know what his smash single is about, and the master creative artist Ryan Leslie delivers some grown and sexy visuals in "Dress to Undress You". 


Chris Breezy gets up close and personal with us in this video, as he portrays a solider in the military going on a space mission. Want to know happens? I guess you’ll just have to watch the video yourself ‘cause I’ll never tell. Enjoy!

Jaden Smith –Coolest
Generation Z ya boy Jaden Smith is back and this time with his smooth jazz flow! One of his lyrics is “Youth is taking over” hmm I think he’s down with #OpGenZ

Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne and 2Chainz –Bandz A Make Her dance
Well look what we have here a video that is clearly talking about strippers but interesting enough it’s not a lot of stripping going on, they actually have a marching band present, I guess we weren't the only ones who got in on the word play. Enjoy !

Ryan Leslie –Dress you to undress you
If you’re not familiar with this artist shame on you! He is one of the creative minds and forces behind Next selection/Bad Boys Cassie and he is also Grammy nominated. This video is grown and sexy and shot in black and white if gives it the classic element due to all the different scene changes that happen throughout the video, by the way the lyrics are really good and catchy enjoy!

########## BONUS ##############

This Bonus beat from Chris Brown needs no introduction! Go ahead, sing along (If you can :)