For anyone who knows me you know that i support our local artist 100 percent. So when i got the call from Ponzo to host his newest mixtape #WORK, my only question was when ?, less than 24hrs later the mixtape was done.
The mixtape starts off hard hitting with the track "IM BACK" where Ponzo lets the world know he is back to buisness as usual. On the track "Count My own Stack" Ponzo shows us just how versitile he can get with a feature from Dutchy another local artist. On track #5 "LAME" Ponzo shows exactly how he feels on a number of subjects, this track also has some humor to it. I liked this track so much that i had to get my little talk on in the intro. A more notable track on this release is "IF I" where Ponzo takes you in to who he really is as a person not just a rapper.
My favorite track is "Been Through It All" because i can relate first hand to some of the subjects he chose to touch on in this track. All together i have to say that this was a very good addition to Ponzo's already good collection of music. i had allot of fun hosting this mixtape mainly because Ponzo gave me full freedom to take it in what ever direction i wanted to, and that showed me he trusts my judgment. Im excited about working with him on his near future projectsm and hopefully one day i will get a cameo in one of the many videos he has done.
To take a listen for your self you can (Free) download this release at 
( parental advisory, this release contains explicit lyrics)