The big guns of the music industry have been working hard to drop new hits, but you may have to wait.

Kanye is known for his mouth–sometimes more so than his music.

The rapper’s bold proclamation that he and Jay-Z’s joint album, Watch the Throne, would be released ‘next week’ appears to be an empty promise. It was announced yesterday (January 5) that the album won’t see the light of day until March.

According to Fake Shore Drive, sources close to Kanye and Def Jam revealed that the album has an official release date: March 1st, 2011. But the album’s first single is supposedly dropping on January 11th.

It looks like Drake’s follow-up to 2010′s Thank Me Later is taking shape–but that doesn’t mean anyone really knows exactly what shape that is. The Toronto-born superstar is hard on work on his sophomore release, but according to contributing producer T-Minus, the overall album and theme and vision have yet to come into focus.

“I was just in the studio for three days in Toronto with Drake and T-Pain, trying to come up with some records,” Minus revealed in an interview. “Drake just went on tour, so when he gets back we’re probably going to get back in the studio to do some more work. But his album is a work in progress. [The other day] I was up for 24 hours because we were at the studio the entire night. The new songs were a mix of [rapping and singing]. He actually just did a record in the studio with [producer] 40, and man it sounded crazy. It was more of a R&B record, and T-Pain was on it as well, but man, when that finished product comes out it’s going to be nuts. Right now, there’s no true direction [for Take Care]. I couldn’t tell you whether it’s going to be a lot of singing, or a lot of rapping, or a little of both. Right now it’s still fresh. I think he’s probably going to drop like in the fall, possibly October. But I’m not too sure.”