The latest entry into The Big Dummy Files  is rapper Nelly. This should possibly be entered into another group of Files, "When Making It Rain Goes Wrong". Nelly ran up a $20,403.64 credit card bill with American Express "which seems totally reasonable for rapper" yea right.... Just one problem AMEX says he never paid it.

The credit card company filed a lawsuit against Nelly (real name Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr) in Missouri back in October to try and get their money back (plus another $3,000 in attorney’s fees). So far though, they claim Nelly has refused to pay what he owes. A court hearing is scheduled for January 9. Calls to Nelly’s camp were not returned. According TMZ

This is a lesson a lot of famous people need to take heed to, and regular Joes as well. Don't be baller on a budget. I look at a lot of stuff rappers do with their money. In Hip Hop people seem to think it's cool to be a SPENDER. This is the dumbest mentality ever, an American Express Black Card is just high debt. Why BRAG about OWING Money. I hope Nelly does have the 20 stacks to pay back. I also hope his finances are straight, even that alone is not enough to be added to the BIG DUMMY FILES. People don't pay their bills every day but when you are the rapper who made a video SLIDING your CREDIT CARD down a strippers crack. You just took it to another level, all your credit cards should be paid ON TIME. Check out Nelly Making it Rain below smh