If you have ever gone out to party in Buffalo and the event was good, then chances are you know Neil. Neil has been a staple in the Promoter game for some time now. Honestly he's part of the reason I got put on to doing events. We met through a mutual friend (S/O Garneth Star 23 enterprise), and from that day I have watched Neil grow from being part of the Help to becoming a Boss in his own right. For years Neil has consistently produced and promoted great events here in the city of Buffalo. Sometimes you might not see his name on a flier or even see him at an event but chances are he had something to do with it being successful. He found something positive to do with his time and money and he worked hard and now it is paying off. Besides being a promoter Neil is also just a cool guy always willing to help others and he has taken some of the newer promoters under his wing and shown them how to go about pulling off great events. Its rare that you find someone with so much success that's actually a down to earth person. Neil is the type of guy who will just randomly call you like "Get Dressed we going out" he shows love so he gets love and you cant deny that. I would say Neil is like a Brother from another and I wish him nothing but success and he already knows I support him 200percent so im always just a call away.

For more on Neil: Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/gmneil?ref=ts or Twitter: @GmNeil

"Life Is what YOU Make It - SO MAKE IT !!!"