According to WSB Robert Canoles and his son Branden are facing aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal trespass charges after cops begrudgingly launched an investigation into their actions last Thursday. According to Jean-Joseph Kalonji, 61, and his 57-year-old wife, Angelica, they were changing the locks on a home in Covington, Georgia recently purchased by their son when self-appointed neighborhood watchmen Robert and Branden, brandishing semi-automatic weapons, swooped down on the couple and held them at gunpoint until five deputies arrived. The Kalonjis, who didn't have any paperwork on them to prove their son was the owner of the foreclosed property, urged deputies to call their son.

They never did, opting instead to handcuff the retired couple and charge them with loitering and prowling. The said they overheard officers praising Robert for holding them at gunpoint. The charges against the Kalonjis were dropped. The deputies are facing an internal investigation and Robert and his son remain behind bars.

Didn't self appointed neighborhood watchmen world wide learn a lesson from George Zimmerman ? Have these people in Covington, Ga not been watching the news for the past MONTH ? Better yet what are a 61 year old retired couple doing breaking and entering anywhere? This is crazy that the police took part in this WELCOME Robert, Brandon and the Covington Ga police department into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

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