The NBA has changed commissioners as Adam Silver has officially taken over for former Commissioner, David Stern. Silver has been making great calls since taking over however his response to a handful of his players supporting the "I Can't Breathe" movement may rub some NBA fans the wrong way. 

Via Cleveland

Bulls star Derrick Rose wore the black T-shirt during pregame on Saturday night, and James said the next day he was looking for one. Irving and James received the shirts from former Cavalier Jarrett Jack, who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets.


You have to think, the players work for two bigger entities than themselves, 1) the teams they represent and 2) the league as a whole. As the President of the league he has to make some sort of statement regarding players using their voices freely. Yes, as human beings we are supposed to be able to speak our mind but I don't think we should jump on Silver for doing his job. He is just simply saying that his players and employees must be reminded that when they speak, they don't speka for themselves. The NBA has strict guidelines on player apparel, he wishes they would abide those guidelines. Thumbs up to Silver.

.... Tread softly though bro.