You should either be very upset with this story or glad you weren't there. Two days ago McDonald’s hosted a national hiring day where people come and apply for a job at McDonald's. The goal was to hire 50,000 people nationally in a one day period. In Cleveland Ohio, (at one McDonald’s), it was a different story. With the lack of jobs in this economy an opportunity like this would sound like a reason to celebrate, instead it turned into a nightmare.

A fight broke out at one McDonald's in Cleveland causing the McDonald's to stop hiring. After the fight someone got in a car, put it in reverse and ran over two people. All of this tragic madness was caught on video by a camera man who sound so excited as if running over people was the best thing that he ever saw in his life. I guess you really can’t help SOME people these days and that’s the real tragedy in today’s world!

WBLK Intern Kevin Sealey contributed to this article.