Nas who has visited Africa three times, one time for his birthday and twice for corporate performances has said that "the reason why most of his colleagues never go to Africa is because they are afraid of the dark continent". This is coming from a press conference that was done in the United States.

Throughout his career Nas has always been conscious of his history. He also raises the concern that "I went there and I figured out that there’s been a lot of lies told to American people about what’s going on there…One thing about us African-Americans and Africans is that we don’t communicate, we don’t talk, we don’t see a reason to talk, we don’t get along.” I wasn't aware of this problem because Hip Hop artist talk crazy on most records but they are scared to go to a continent because they might get bit by mosquitos?

If this is true people really need to keep it real with themselves when they are rapping. I think that there should be a bridging of the gap between Africans and African Americans. He also raised questions about why rock stars like Bono seem to do so much in Africa and hip hop artists aren't. Jay-Z and 50 Cent have recently made headlines by lending financial support to countries in Africa. What do you think, should African American's really be concerned about a continent that we most know nothing about or focus on our current situation in America?