The government is aiming to get the $6 millie Nas owes them courtesy of his publishing. The next Nas album may be all proceeds to the U.S. government. Nas has had a history of incorrect filing for taxes for a couple of years now causing the U.S. government to garnish his wages via his BMI and ASCAP royalties.

According to TMZ Nas has already paid off 300,000 in tax debt for a mistake he made in the year 2010. Still all of the money is not paid up they placed a lien on his property as well. Nas is one of my favorite MC's I hate to see this happen to him. I wonder the government will have creative control of his album since it is helping to pay tax debt? Also I wonder if Kelis his ex wife is getting that 50,000 alimony payment this seems like the government is kicking the man when he was already down. I hope Nas can come back from this in other words pay yours taxes