So about 2 weeks ago out of nowhere I started to have pain in my left foot. After about 3 days the pain became worse so I went to the ER and had X-rays taken.They said that it was probably just swollen tissue and they gave me pain meds and sent me home. Well about 4 days later the pain was worse so I went to see a foot doctor and he came to the conclusion that it was my Achilles heel and something in the bottom of my foot. He said that the x-ray they took in the ER was the wrong one and that me walking on it all this time made it worse, than he gave me this HUUUUUGGGGEEE !!! (lol) boot to wear for the next 4 weeks.

After all this you would think my week could only get better and boy was that not the case, 2 days later I had to get a tooth pulled but the root of the tooth was so long that they had to drill into my jaw bone and break the tooth to get it out (oouch !!). So not only am I limping I also can hardly speak correctly.

But on a brighter side I got out of work for a day so it wasn't all bad.