News broke today that the felon with the famous mugshot, Jeremy Meeks, has officially raised enough money to purchase a well respected lawyer to represent him in court and Meeks also will be stylin’ in court, raising enough money to rock a Tom Ford Suit to his trial. It’s been reported that Meeks is planning to beat his case and is working on starting a  career, still no word as to what exactly he will be doing but we can only imagine it will be something dealing with modeling. . The money that the thirsty women across the world raised thru GoFundMe has also provided Meeks with the opportunity to hire a more than capable agent to help get his career started. (

Via MailOnline:

Jeremy Meeks, the alleged gang member who became an Internet sensation after his handsome mug shot was posted on a police Facebook site, is in talks with top designers to dress him during his trial, his attorney told MailOnline today.

Tai Bogan, known as the Pitbull because of his ‘aggressive’ style of defense, has been secured by Meeks to represent him against gun and gang related charges.

During the five-minute hearing at San Joaquin County court in Stockton, California, Meeks, 30, was forced to wear a regulation orange prison jumpsuit and have his hands shackled.

Bogan said that it was important that his client looked as ‘good as possible’ before a jury and to that end the family were close to signing designers to cloth him during his court appearances.

He said that because his picture was posted ‘millions and millions’ of times on the Internet, it was prejudicial against a fair trial for him to be ‘in handcuffs and prison garb’.

Judge Stephenson declined the motion claiming it was in the best interest of security for Meeks to be shackled.

However when Meeks finally appears before a jury for trial, it is the law that he will be able to wear his own clothes, said Bogan.

After the hearing, Bogan said: ‘We are talking to designers to provide clothing for him during this case.

‘We want him to look as good as possible in the court. We are worried that current pictures of him in prison garb will mean he will not get a fair trial.’

His comments came after it emerged Meeks, whose image was shared 89,000 times when it went on the Stockton Police Facebook page, has landed a Hollywood talent agent.

While Tom Ford is not dressing the hunky prisoner, ‘the modeling management we are working with has a stylist who was going to dress Jeremy in a Tom Ford suit,’ she told MailOnline.

You know what’s crazy? This basically says to me that good looks can get you out of any situation. Way to go world!