Dionne Randolph has been bringing the crutial character Mufasa to life for 8 years in the stage version of "The Lion King." He called in this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and gave some insight on his career!

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom." -- Mufasa's famous line from the best show on live stage "The Lion King"

Dionne talks about how 9/11 impacted him and insopired him to want to explore America. He mentions talking to people across the world and realizing they have visited more landmarks in the U.S. than he has!

I've been to a few of our 50 states and seen a LOT of sights but I would love to get out there and see more. I've seen the Golden Gate Bridge, lounged the beaches of Oahu, experienced the World of Disney, gotten lost in the Mall Of America and taken in Times Square. I want to see the Grand Canyon, I'd love to go to North Carolina (I hear it's beautiful), Baltimore, Boston, everywhere! 

Where have you been? Where would you like to go? Leave a comment below :)