Not too far away in Erie PA, we have a 20 year old mother of three that turned herself in to authorities on Friday after placing her 14 month old baby in a suitcase and then throwing the baby away in a neighbors garbage. The question that I have is are we as a society so out of touch with reality that we fail to recognize and realize what is really happening to us on a mass scale? We are being programmed by our environment and because of the things that take place in our environment it has taken the focus away from who we really are as human beings. Have we become so manipulated by the things that we see, hear, taste, smell and touch, that we no longer recognize our 6th sense anymore? There are more people than ever in our society that have a mental illness and we need ways and means to get to the root/origins of what is going on in our community and country. When a 20 year old mother can just take her offspring and throw it away like this—she has lost all instincts of who and what she is—a mother!