Here are the results of a post WAKA FLOCKA/GUCCI MANE ignorant society that we are about to live in, this is the future. A 10 year old boys older brother dies so his mom Chuntera Napier who likes tatoos allows him to go get a tattoo of his older brothers name. Malik, The brother who was killed as a result of a car accident, was 12 years old. Jaquan who was with his brother when he was killed, wanted the tattoo in memorial of his brother. A teacher saw the tattoo and reported it to the authorities. Fortunately there was a law on the books which prevents someone from tattooing a minor.

The mother was unaware of this law and charged with misdemeanor cruelty and being an accessory to a crime. The intent was to remember a love one but A TATTED UP 10 YEAR OLD IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. That's an adult descision about his body that he was allowed to make at 10 years old, things like this should be left for him decide when he is older.

This seems like parenting 101, but Chatera obviously wasn't there for that class. This boy couldve drawn a picture for his brother wrote a song, there are a number of ways to remember his brother other than a tattoo. His body isnt done growing so the Tat will look horrible in a couple of years when his skin stretches. This is stupid all the way around I swear there should be a license to be a parent. She has a 10 year old doing GROWN MAN THINGS, he might as well roll one up for his brother and toast to his memory. What do you think ? Is it cool for a 10 year old to get a tattoo ? On a side note what happened to Chuntera's teeth where did they go ?