In Upper Darby, Pa right outside of Philadelphia, a mother and three children were arrested after getting naked outside Upper Darby High School and chanting "God is great." According to NBC 10, 44 year old Sarah Butler and three of her children 23-year-old Joanne Butler, 22 year old Bessie Butler and a 14 year old son showed up at the school three times.

The first time they asked for a student to be released from the school and were told to leave. They returned, began chanted and were told to leave again. When they came back the third time, all four stripped down to their bucket naked, and began running around while chanting. In the infamous words of Kanye West that ---- CRAY ! I don't know what religion this is that allows you to praise in the nude with your mom and 2 sisters, but I don't want any parts of it. I guess the family that prays naked together stays together in jail except for the male. Welcome these four into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.