According to The Buffalo News and Buffalo police, Serena M. Hirsch allegedly gave her 3-year-old son to a 75-year-old West Side man, asking him to watch the child for 20 minutes. She later gave her 2-year-old daughter, who was in a stroller, to a 45-year-old Depew man, asking him to keep an eye on the toddler.

When Hirsch showed up intoxicated at a police command center at the downtown food festival later Saturday afternoon, demanding to know why the strangers had her children, she was arrested on two felony counts of child abandonment and sent for psychological evaluation.

I know the sangria wine slushies were good, but geeze! I'm happy that her kids ended up safe, but how irresponsible can you be?  I'm not sure who the bigger Big Dummy is in this situation -- the mother or the men who accepted the kids from a stranger.