To be honest I’m hardly ever shocked by what I read online or see in the news anymore but this story here left me lost for words. The main problem with our youth these days to me, is the fact that some of these parents want to be kids themselves and ignore their responsibly – That was definitely the case for this pregnant British mother of six.

The pregnant, single mom told her oldest 16-year-old that she was going to do some shopping but instead jumped on a flight to Australia. When she was later reached by police she refused to come back home until her vacation was over.

A pregnant British mother of six who admitted to shamelessly abandoning her children to take a six week Australian vacation with a man she met online has been given a suspended jail sentence.

The unidentified single mom told her oldest 16-year-old son she was merely stepping out to do some shopping before hopping on an international flight out of Heathrow Airport on Jan. 1, the BBC reported.

The teen, left to care for her five other children — the youngest of which was age 3 — eventually called his grandparents who contacted police when she didn't come home several hours later.

The stubborn mother, reached while Down Under by police and her parents, reportedly refused to come back home until her vacation, paid for by her online beau, was finished.

The children were placed in emergency foster care before being turned over to their grandparents.

The unidentified mother pleaded guilty to six counts of willful abandonment at Birmingham Crown Court, pictured, before given a six-month suspended jail sentence Thursday.

When the mom returned six weeks later on Feb. 20 she was greeted by police and charged with willful abandonment.

She was sentenced Thursday to a six-month suspended jail term after entering a prior guilty plea.

During her sentencing her attorney argued that she was a good mother but one who had been harmed by a prior abusive relationship.

Her defender also produced cards made by her children for her declaring how much they miss her.”

I’m no judge or jury by any means but she deserves to be put under the jail – to leave your kids with no adult supervision for a man you met online is ludicrous.  Thank god the kids were unharmed.

What do you think? Does her sentence or lack thereof match her crime against motherhood? What should be her punishment?

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