I answered the WBLK Request Line on Thursday only to find a frantic woman asking me if I could announce that her daughter has been missing since Wednesday.

I always want to "DO IT" but can't.  We never know if it's a prank, or if the person "missing" is a runaway or in real danger. We really have no way of knowing.  So I told the caller that she could call me back the next day if her daughter's missing persons report became legitimate in terms of it being reported on the news and recognized by police as a true Amber Alert!

Well ironically, as I read the news report on the air this morning, I found myself reading a story about a 13-year-old girl, Tashunda Tolliver, MISSING!  It dawned on me that this could be the girl a mom called about yesterday. I quickly discounted that thought telling myself ... "NO"!

About an hour later I answered the WBLK Request Line only to be met with the same voice I encountered the day before. It was the same lady calling, and it confirmed what I was in denial about – she was calling back today about Tashunda Tolliver MISSING.

Listen to what Tashunda Tolliver's Mom said to me, and if you know Tashunda, Mother's Day is this Sunday, make Tashunda's mom's Mother's Day the BEST EVER with positive news about Tashunda and her whereabouts.

Tashunda, if you're reading this ... Please Call Home!

LISTEN: Tashunda Tolliver's Mom Calls the WBLK Request Line for Help!

The News Story: