Brandi Jo Roman, 28, is tonight's BIG DUMMY. She is facing child neglect charges after allegedly leaving her two children, ages 3 and 5, inside a car Tuesday night while she went into a popular Tampa strip club. Here is how Bay News 9 is saying it all went down.

Roman tried to get into the club a first time, but she didn't have any money and went back to her car. Roman wound up slumped over the wheel because she was obviously intoxicated. A short time later "she came back in the club, she had gathered up quarters and dollars to pay the cover charge, and [the staff] took her in to get her in there so she didn't leave with the children."

At first when I saw the title of the article, I just figured she was an exotic dancer who couldn't find a baby sitter. No not at all she was just a customer. This is crazy, I guess women are becoming just as thirsty as men. Welcome Brandi J Roman to the BIG DUMMY FILES.