Brittany Harris, a 25-year-old Floridian from West Palm Beach is hands down the BIG DUMMY OF THE NIGHT.

She thought she would get away with leaving her 3- and 5-year-old children in the Cruzan Amphitheatre parking lot while she turned up to the sounds of Lil TuneChi for three hours.

Thankfully, an employee working at the theater was able to talk to the children, who told him that their mother had left them in the car unsupervised. Although Harris told the cops that her cousin had brought her children to the parking lot, she was found guilty of two accounts of child neglect and is now held on $20,000 bail.

I have been saying for years that Lil Wayne's music affects your common sense. How could she have possibly justified leaving her kids in the car to see Lil Wayne?

Welcome her to the BIG DUMMY FILES. Unlike Lil Wayne, she is now facing several charges, so I guess she does have some worries.