This Saturday's Powerball Jackpot is $253 Milllion and we're asking the question: If you won this Saturday's $253 Million Powerball Jackpot, what's the 1st thing you would buy? The $253 Million Windfall "Cash Value" (after taxes) is approximately $170.5 Million.

A group of MIT Students might be able to help you win. The students figured used mathematical calculations to figure out what would just about guarantee them a win...AND IT WORKS!!!! They figured out that if they bought $100,000 worth of tickets they would WIN! They were correct and, according to the article, won about $8 Million by 2005. Lottery Officials were aware of the students figuring things out but let it slide.

Well back to the question.... once you buy your $100,000 worth of tickets, what's the 1st thing you will buy with your winnings? Comment below and then go to the WBLK FB Page and comment as well. Thank You and GOOD LUCK Saturday!!!!! (I will gladly take a donation btw :))