Just before midnight last Thursday, the legendary Mister Cee (real name: Calvin LeBrun) was arrested in Brooklyn after he attempted to pick up an undercover male cop posing as a prostitute.

He posted bond and, in an interview with his radio station, the 46-year-old deejay, who pled guilty to a charge of loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution after he was arrested for receiving oral sex from a transexual in a parked car, claimed he's not gay.

Come on, Mister Cee -- not even his boss or coworkers who conducted the interview believed him. The audio is below, but just incase you're at work, this is the cliff notes.

Cee explains recurring male prostitute scenario

Thursday night/Friday morning, I was approached by a female, Latino undercover cop. Not a male cop. The female Latino cop, I have her badge number so I know who it is....The first story that came out in the Daily News said it was a female undercover officer and you can research and see that that story was posted. Then they changed it soon after to male undercover officer. I have no idea why it changed. I understand that cops have a job to do. She was undercover and she has to protect herself. She's going to have to be sequestered and I'm going to have to fight the case.

Cee on his sexual orientation
No, I am not gay. I have not engaged in homosexual activity. Out of the three incidents that happened in the past with me, there was only one person's name brought up that was a male. If you do your research and look at the incident that happened in 2011, that male person put out 2 different videos. The first video was about him saying he doesn't know Mister Cee. Then, he did another with a comedian saying 'Yes, I was with Cee and he has a small penis.' If you do your research, you will see those two interviews.

Cee on supporting the gay community
No, I love the gay community. I always embrace those people who don't have that much power to be loud. Back when the Haiti thing happened, I was doing so much for the Haitians. I embrace the gay community more than you know.

Cee explains conspiracy against him
Shout out to the 83rd precinct in BK. They took care of me and what I'm going to say is not a reflection on all police. But the police's job is to build a case against me. And it's my job to build a case for myself. In 2011, I pleaded guilty to the prostitution case (which a male prostitute was also named with pictures in the ACTUAL police report) because it was too much money to keep going back and forth. And also because I have a family -- both my family and my Hot 97 family -- and I didn't want to put y'all through the mud. Not because I like men, but because of all the court procedures I didn't want to go through. But on the three occasions I've been arrested on solicitation charges, only one has been said to be a man. Where are the other names? And have y'all stopped to think about where that person is now? There's something to that.

Cee on what brought him to Madison and Broadway (littered with male prostitutes)
Yes, I do like prostitutes. I have engaged a lot with prostitutes in my life many times. Same with strippers. I've tricked on them many times. But I happened to be in the area on Thursday. It was a beautiful day for me. Everything that had happened around this time in 2011, I didn't feel like my Hot 97 fam had my back. There were people telling me I shouldn't be on that Summer Jam stage. But on Thursday, I was in a great mood. So it just so happened I was in that area after leaving a party. I didn't know that corner is where prostitutes hung out.

Cee on what really went down that night
I was leaving an after work party nearby and I remembered I needed to call somebody I said I would call earlier. I pulled over to call, and it was on the corner of Madison and Broadway, and I was approached by a female Latina undercover officer. So I rolled down the window.

He said he's not too stuck up to say hi to somebody.
She offered to have oral sex. I can't say too much because I have to go back to court. But she said pull up to the corner. I said no and started to pull off, and all hell broke loose.

Cee on why he'd rather have sex with prostitutes
It's because of what I've been going thru the last 10-12 years of my life. Back in 2001, I was in a serious committed relationship with a young lady and I'm not going to say her name. About that time, my life started to change into wanting hit it & quit it type relationships. I was going into strip clubs and things. Then I wanted to get prostitutes. I got in a rut. The more I started getting into that activity, the more I wanted it versus the traditional way of getting to know regular women. I found myself not trusting women as much. I found myself not wanting women to get closer to me in my world. I started seeing how my friends were getting jammed up in their marriages and relationship and I said that's not going to be me. If I get to a point where me and a woman get too close, I push her away. I have trust issues with women. For me to have gotten caught 3 times. In relation to all the times I frequent prostitutes, it's really not surprising.

Cee on his celebrity and recognition
I don't drink and I don't smoke. I'm in my right mind. But sometimes in my weird sadistic way, I don't really know how big "Mister Cee" is. I don't understand the enormity of who I am.

Cee addresses his addiction
I don't have an addiction to prostitutes. I have an addiction to instant gratification. I need help. I been dealing with it and trying to deal with it for the last 10-12 years.

Cee on HOT 97 and almost losing his job
If ya'll want to fire me or get rid of me, I understand that. No company should have to be subjected to the the of negative activity I've been bringing to this company the last couple years. I'm getting help. I go to therapy and I'm dealing with it.

Cee on what people have to say
“People have accused me of being gay for probably ten years now…I don’t care what people think.”

To each is their own, but Mister Cee is out of control. There is no reason why he is 46 and riding around trolling for sex in the streets.  No one is judging his lifestyle, but riding around looking for tricks in today's world is absolutely ridiculous. There are plenty of prostitutes online, and I'm sure he has enough money to get an apartment to take whoever he is having sex with to.

Mister Cee probably really in his mind doesn't think what he did was homosexual.  He has a sex addiction and probably doesn't care where he gets it from. It seems as if he has detached emotions from sex, and the easiest way to get it is to pay for it.  His friends and family should really support him while he gets help.

I feel bad that his legacy is being questioned because of a problem that he has to deal with.