Have you ever wondered where your favorite Dj spends his time when they are not in the club or on radio ?. Chances are if they are like me its at "The Guitar Center". The other day i was headed down there to pick up some new headphones (mine broke a few weeks ago). As i pull up i see some of the "Greats" out side talking DJ JR and DJ Big Poppa. So i walk up and we all kick it for a minute just on random topics me having a cast on my foot and DJ Jr having one on his hand. Than i proceeded to go in to the store now keep in mind i was only going in to grab some new headphones well long story short and almost 3 hours later i walked out with Head Phones a longer cord for my Studio Mic and a DJ DVD so i could learn some new things to better myself. Most people would say "How did it take you 3 hours to pick out 3 products" my reply IT DIDNT, Me and Dj Big Poppa ended up trying out some of the new equiptment they had on display and he also taught me some new tricks with Serato and helped me on counting "Bars" (Dj talk lol) and we just really hung out and kicked it. See what most people dont realize is that DJ's enjoy down time to and there is no better place for this than The Guitar Center. There are times when we dont even go with intensions on buying anything we go just to relax and try out new gear and even network, you wouldnt believe some of the people you might come across in there. So if you ever cant get a hold of me now you know where i am probably at.