This Labor Day weekend two teenage girls went missing and now one is home with God. Details about Lanasha and Unique inside. 


You may have seen these photos on social media these last couple days. But as of Wednesday Sept 4th 2013 both teens have been found.

Late last night Lanasha Rollerson's 13 year old body was found near Newburgh Avenue and Hagen Street, very close to where she was last seen Sunday night.

Her family launched an all out man-hunt and contacted me and other media outlets to get the public searching as well. I wish I could have done more and my heart goes out to her mother Tamika Maclin and Aunt Kareema Morris. As the homicide investigation continues, there are some unconfirmed stories of terrible things that a "pervert" may have done to Nay Nay before she died.

Facebook: Lanasha Rollerson

Buffalo Schools Associate Superintendent Will Keresztes told reporters they were notified that the 13-year-old -- who attended School 59 -- was found dead.

"It is a terrible tragedy for the school district. There is never anything normal about the loss of a student," said Keresztes. "We do have a protocol that we have engaged today. Our crisis team is on site working with faculty and of course preparing for students tomorrow."

Buffalo Public Schools begin a new school year Thursday, September 5th. School 59 is the Dr. Charles R. Drew School of Science on Poplar Avenue.

"She was a beloved student and there are a lot of children and families that are really hurting today," said Keresztez.

Facebook: Unique Monet

This Afternoon Unique Northington was found alive! It is unclear whether or not she was harmed or if the two cases were related. But she is alive and home with her family! Her sister posted this on Facebook a couple hours ago.


Let these two cases be a reminder that life is precious and we have to protect our kids from kidnapping weirdos walking the streets at night.