The Trayvon Martin case has really swelled into a national debate from self-defense, wearing a hoodie, age, and the color of one’s skin. I find it truly amazing how so many people can be persuaded to follow others when it comes to their emotions and moral consciousness. I said this a week ago and I will say it again right now, why is it that when we have so much killing of each other in our own communities there is never any outrage, marching, or attention that the Trayvon Martin case is receiving.

Now there is a Million “Hoodie” March planned for Lafayette Square this afternoon. Look, African people in this country have been marching for decades for injustice! It seems that whenever someone wants to bring attention to an issue, they march, and they march, and they march! Yes your voice may be heard but does it change anything?

I have said before that if you want real change in this country and you want something to be done about the system, your/our individual habits and the way that we do things must change. Think about this, if we have been marching for decades and we keep getting the same result, then that is a sign of INSANITY!  If we keep voting for the same two political parties and things continue to go downhill maybe we should consider other options.