So it seems Miley Cyrus is trying to get down with the hip-hop community.

Over the past months, she's been spotted on Instagram and Twitter with various rappers, including Wiz Khalifa (above), and last week she posted a very random YouTube video of her twerking to J. Dash's "Wop" in a unicorn costume.

We don't know what unicorns and twerking have to do with each other, either.

French Montana, Instagram

A lot of questions have arisen about Miley's intentions with the hip-hop community. The words "groupie" and "fangirl" have been thrown around, and questions about what exactly she's trying to do have stirred up a very split public.

Some believe Miley's attempting to pull a "Justin Bieber" by associating herself with rappers to gain more notoriety and get a bigger fan base, while others think that she's simply trying to change her approach to music.

Pharrell, Twitter

The picture above of Miley with Pharrell Williams and Tyler, The Creator was posted by Pharrell in October 2012, and he's said in interviews that he supports Miley and has even worked with her on her upcoming album.

The question remains, though: Is she really about that life? You decide!