Jodel Leveille was arrested after he punched his girlfriend repeatedly, then resisted arrest and spit on an officer. During his bond hearing this morning, Judge Ellen Sue Venzer found probable cause against the 24-year-old on the battery charge, and he was none too happy and gave the judge a piece of his mind!

"F you, judge! You b*tch! F you!" he yelled. "That b*tch stabbed me! F*ing b*tch! Your officers beat my ass so f you! They beat my ass and stabbed my ass! I had a restraining order against that b*tch! F you!...F you and your court! F you! Can't nobody.... you can't judge me!...I don't give a f what you do. Go to hell. You can go to hell for all I care."

What did this outburst accomplish? Absolutely nothing ... He was stabbed, beat up by the police, and then thrown in jail. I guess he figured he had nothing else to lose which ended up getting him thrown in the BIG DUMMY FILES as well!

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