Is there ANYTHING you can do to prevent yourself from developing prostate cancer? The answer is NO! However, you can detect the development early and get treated by one of the #1 Prostate Cancer fighting advocates in the United States -- Roswell Park Cancer Institute, also know as RPCI, and you can do it FREE OF CHARGE while checking out some very cool cars.

This Saturday, September 24th, from 11 am - 2 pm, Roswell Park Cancer Institute is holding their 6TH ANNUAL 'CRUISN FOR A CURE' FREE PROSTATE SCREENING EVENT. The key word here is FREE! This is an ENTIRE FAMILY FUN EVENT with any number of classic cars, food, refreshments and activities for kids and the rest of the family.

If someone told you they could check any part of your body to determine if there's something going on inside your body right now that is going to KILL you, would you allow them to examine you for $100? YES YOU WOULD!  So why not allow the experts to check you out FREE OF CHARGE.

Am I trying to SCARE YOU into getting your prostate checked? Yes. It's that important because 1 out of every 7 men will die from prostate cancer because they didn't detect it early enough.

The test is very simple -- a quick blood test (PSA) and a dgital rectal exam that will take 15 minutes of your day. You can register NOW online by clicking the button below! (also register in advance and have any questions answered by calling 1-877-ASK-RPCI (1-877-275-7724).


Speaking with Dr. M

Here's What To Expect at the 2016 Cruisin' for a Cure Event: