Every Week I look to feature and interview a young mover and shaker who embodies the “Go Getta Spirit” and is doing great things for the people and themselves in the Western New York and Southern Ontario community. Having the the blessed opportunity of having my show “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people nominated as “The Go Getta of The Week

Meet Kittrella Whitlock and here what she had to say!

"My name is Kittrella Whitlock but everyone pretty much identifies me as “Kitty,” or “Kitt.” I am twenty-four years old and I was raised right here in Buffalo, NY.  In 2007, I graduated from Hutch Tech High school and went on to attend Johnson C. Smith University- a historically black college in Charlotte, NC. I was totally unaware of how I would make it on my own, having never really leaving Buffalo but throughout my adolescence, my parents strongly instilled in my sisters and I the importance of education. Leaving Buffalo at that moment- it was something I felt I needed to do. I was excited, I was hungry.

During my four years at Johnson C. Smith, I had the time of my life! I met some of my best friends, learned so many different cultures, and expanded my love for sports. I took up broadcast communications. Public speaking is something I’ve always loved to do. Even as a child, I was the chatter queen! I remember my progress reports and reports cards always noted “Kittrella is a pleasure to have in class, but talks obsessively.” I thought to myself “If I love to talk and interact with others, I might as well make a career out of it.”

I have always said that “success is shaped by your drive and dedication, challenges and experiences.” Throughout college I was the official sideline reporter of our football and basket teams, conducting on-camera interviews with players, fans, and coaches. During the CIAA tournaments, I was often heard on radio stations down south as we streamed live coverage from the arena, or else on the sidelines tagging down a player with some interesting questions.

In my 4 years at Johnson C. Smith University, I didn’t restrict my activities to just class assignments. In my junior year, I was selected to intern at Fox Charlotte. My internship allowed me to expand my communication skills, and highlighted my dedication. During the 10 week internship, I served as a member of the production team for the morning show Fox News Rising. I had to wake up at 2am to be on the job by 3am to make the morning meetings, set up the studio, and start the live broadcasting of the show. Even though production was not my sole interest or expertise, I still gave 100% behind the camera because it was a stepping stone and pushed me one step closer to my dream. I was there for the experience, and it was definitely rewarding.

 I gave my input on show themes and marketing aspects. I concentrated hard on focusing the camera, and just tried to take in as much as possible. This experience helped me to learn how to think on my feet while also developing an increased sense of self-confidence. The internship showed me a sneak preview of the ins and outs of how a television show is ran effectively. When I finally got home from the 4 hour internship although what I really wanted to do was jump in the bed with the covers pulled over my face, I would take a notebook and jot down different things that stood out to me during the show like the hosts’ body language, topics and personality. Those things combined with my own ideas and creativity led to my creation of Hot Topics with Kitty, a web show I created in 2009.

While sitting in my bedroom one day bored with surfing all my favorite URL’s I played with the built- in webcam on my laptop and began recording myself talking about different topics. I always gave great advice to my friends, so I began sharing information with the public through the internet. On one of my first episodes, I was on my way to a job interview and decided to iron out my nerves by speaking which comforted me. I shared on the video; tips and hints on resume and job interviews. I uploaded it to YouTube and started getting hits and comments. It felt great to help people. And knowing that people actually liked listened to me speak was a plus. That was the birth of Hot Topics with Kitty.

Within a year, I collaborated up with a friend who did production and we teamed to interview local artists in the area, and I even interviewed Jenny, of the VH1’s Frank the Entertainer, a basement affair show.

After graduating college in 2011 I was really unsure of what direction I wanted to go in with communications. I didn’t want to place all my eggs in the sports broadcaster basket so I decided to attend graduate school to obtain my Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.  I took another huge step out on faith, even some of my professors doubted that  I could get into such a prestigious school on a graduate level, so never let anyone dictate your future.

One of my greatest achievements was graduating from graduate school. My experiences at New York University has reassured and expanded my love and passion for communications and public relations. I Last week I was informed that the M.S. Degree Program in Public Relations & Corporate Communication (PR&CC) at New York University / SCPS has selected my 100 page capstone thesis entitled “The 2011 NFL lockout: Lessons and Applications in Communication,” to be published in its Progress Report newsletter and in any other New York University media of their choice to represent the school.

My perseverance and continuous education landed me a job within the Yahoo! Organization-where I am currently employed.

Aside from that, I am co-owner of an online fashion boutique “Allure by: VonKit".


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