We want to recognize student athletes who represent their schools in a positive way! This week we celebrate, Cameron Hall, a student athlete who has sportsmanship, is willing to help their teammates, is dedicated, has pride in themselves and their school and maintains their grades!

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  • Cameron Hall

    Abate Elementary School

    Cameron is a 6th grade student at Abate, who participates in wrestling, football, and lacrosse! "Cameron has moved from his hometown in St Joseph, MO 2 years ago and has used sports to meet new friends. Cameron is a pleasure in class and on the mats and field. Cameron loves to just be a part of the team. Being the 'new' kid is tough but he has rose to the occasion. He is currently in the accelerated program at Abate elementary in Niagara Falls. Cameron will literally give his shirt off of his back to a teammate." Welcome to WNY Cam and continue to be the REAL MVP!!

  • Aniya Hugley

    King Center Charter School
    Credit: Jay Hicks, Getty Images

    Aniya is a 7th grade students at King Center Charter in Buffalo, who participates in track and field! "Aniya has earned MVP on her team for the second year in a row, now as a 7th grader, often placing 1st place in her races. She began track last year, and has since worked very hard to maintain her great endurance and performance. Outside from routine practice, Aniya wakes up an hour early in the morning to work out and runs around her neighborhood after school. She was nomainted as Captain of the team, and was a great role model and supporter of her peers. Aniya loves school and maintains superb grades. She is well known for her happy, compassionate, helping, and energetic spirit." Continue to be the best you can be Aniya! You are the real MVP!!

  • Jasmine Mings

    West Seneca West Middle School

    Jasmine is an 8th grade student who participates in indoor/outdoor track and field at West Seneca West Middle! "Jasmine is on high honor roll. She is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society. She also plays field hockey and plays the clarinet. She is in band and chorus at her school. She is also an active member at Bethany Missionary Baptist Church. As an 8th grader she is on the varsity track and field team at West Seneca West Senior. She is an exceptional student." Jasmine, you are an inspiration! Keep being AMAZING!!

  • Jaida Kearney

    Sweet Home High School

    Jaida attends Sweet Home, where she participates in gymnastics, track and field, and cheerleading! "Jaida Kearney is a freshman at Sweet Home High School who has been participating in varsity sports since 7th grade. Jaida's first love was All Star Cheer but, it was discovered that Jaida is an all-around athlete who excels in every sport she participates in. Jaida is a friend to many and a great role model to her sisters all while maintaining her grades as a high school student." Keep goin' hard Jaida, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Dajean McCullough

    Burgard Vocational High School

    Dajean is a 12th grade student at Burgard, who play football, bowling and runs track! "Dajean is a very good sports player!! He always wanted to play football and he the best at it!! He is number 11 at Burgard!" Dajean, you are the REAL MVP!!

  • Te'Shaun Mathews

    Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School

    Te'Shaun is a 5th grade student at Kalfas, who participates in football, wrestling and boxing. "Te'Shaun is very talented and humble individual he always demonstrates great leadership with his peers helping them achieve there goals and making many new friends in the process he is also a NWAA football and wrestling member with Kyla Holka and Ely-jah Maye. Te'Shaun is state ranked for wrestling with 200 wins under his belt always making his coaches proud!" We're proud of you too! You are the real MVP!!

  • Tremell Mathews

    Henry J. Kalfas Magnet School

    Tremell is a 6th grade student who participates in football, wrestling and boxing! "Tremell is a mild mannered student athletes who is in 6th grade at Henry J. Kalfas he maintains a B average. Tremell also plays football and wrestles for NWAA and always shows a great deal of sportsmanship win or lose he accepts both with smile and shakes hands with his opponent's before he hugs them and because of that he has made many new friends throughout the season but it was one wrestling tournament that I truly saw his heart when he defeated a boy from Lockport to take second place and he knew this boy had never won a match Tremell took his medal and presented it to the boy and told him you deserve this you work hard and always try its time for you to be a champion that was a great moment to witness. With football Tremell is always there to help his teammates during practice if he sees any of them struggling to learn plays so they can shine with him come game day and he has earned the right to be chosen to play in the All American Diamond Game in Virginia Beach memorial day weekend to showcase his football talents. Boxing is another story while our uncle Stacy Robinson trains him and his brother hard at inspired boxing there has been a few times kids have backed out of the fight but Tremell has never wavered always pushing forward to become a silver gloves champion very proud of his accomplishments."

  • Courtney Meredith

    Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

    Courtney is a 9th grader who plays basketball and volleyball and runs track! "Courtney is an MVP because she exemplifies everything I would want in a teenager. Courtney works very hard academically her grades are excellent straight A student. Courtney goes to every practice, she has a great work ethic, she pushes herself daily. Courtney is a great daughter at home never a problem, she loves to learn. Courtney was part of a praise dance team, she plays the guitar along with playing sports." Keep representing for the ladies Courtney! You are the REAL MVP!!

  • Kevin Suttles III

    King Center Charter School

    Kevin a 7th grade student at king Center Charter, who participates in FOUR sports - Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Swimming!! "Kevin is one of the sweetest and coolest 13-year-old I know. He work hard in the classroom and on the field. Kevin began playing Football at the age of 6 (which started his love for sports). Kevin has been a member of the Beast Elite Ducks for quite a few years now. Kevin had the opportunity to go to nationals in Florida in which he came home with a championship ring. During off season Kevin is a member of his school basketball team where he plays small forward. His average per game is 15-20 points. Kevin also is a member of his schools track and field team. Kevin also began playing AAU Basketball this year as well. During Kevin's down time he is an active member in his church, where he sings in the youth choir. He is a huge help at home, helping his 8 yr old brother every night with his homework before he begins his. Kevin is truly my MVP." Congrats Kevin!! Don't stop!!

  • Ely-Jay Maye

    Geraldine J. Mann Elementary School

    Ely-Jay is a Kindergarten student who participates in wrestling at Geraldine J. Mann Elementary in Niagara Falls! He's making moves at such a young age, so today, we salute this young man as the Real MVP!!