The Community Connect show with Yasmin Young is here to introduce you to people, places and things in Buffalo and WNY that are good for our community! On this episode, Yasmin introduces you to Dr. Virginia Batchelor, the author of the children's book, Stop Calling Me That! My Name Is Araminta! Watch the interview!

About The Book:

Araminta’s experiences in school are negatively shaped by classmates who bully her about having to take Special Education classes. She longs for the bullying to stop. With help from her beloved Gramma Abigail, Araminta discovers her connection to a strong woman from the past. Clothed in the spirit of courage, she stands firm and changes the course of her schooling experiences forever.

About The Author:
Virginia A. Batchelor is a Professor of Education at Medaille College. She has always expressed a desire to improve upon living and learning experiences of children. The Division of Education (a teacher education preparation program) provides a forum for her social activism.

Dr. Batchelor touches generations of future teachers by cultivating and fostering culturally responsive learning experiences. She is committed to preparing student educators to better understand their role as agents of positive change in the lives of children and adolescents.

Dr. Batchelor has published several articles. Over the past three years, she has co-authored publications specifically focused on domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST), a social anomaly that threatens and destroys young lives. DMST is a growing problem in the United States that begs to be exposed and brought to the attention of socially conscious citizens and policy-makers. To that end, the author intends to promote awareness of DMST and provide support for children and adolescents whose innocence has been stolen.

Stop Calling Me That! My Name is Araminta is Dr. Batchelor's first children’s book. In support of survivors and victims of DMST, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization that provides support to women, children and adolescents who have suffered abuse.
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Also, very special thanks to our illustrator, James J. Cooper III

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