Meek Mill's hit smash "Amen," his driving song off Dream Chasers 2, has caused quite the controversy, especially in his home city of Philadelphia.  A local pastor felt the song was too disrespectful and wants it taken down, while Meek is saying it's just music.

Meek Mill called into Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9 and argued with Philly Pastor Jomo K. Johnson about the song “Amen.”  The pastor was not happy with Meek’s lyrics, and Meek got very heated over the discussion. Meek Mill accused the pastor of wanting attention over the whole issue and continued to explain all the charity work he has done.

Meek kept asking where the pastor was when Meek was giving sneakers to kids in the ghetto, speaking at Philly schools and overall inspiring the youth. Seems like all the pastor was doing was bringing negative attention to him, and Meek was not having it. Young up-and-coming producer Key_Wane, who is responsible for the track, celebrates his birthday today. Having your first major hit get slandered like this doesn't seem like a great gift.

At the end of the day, music is music, and Meek said it well: Only God can judge him, and this pastor doesn’t know him or his upbringing and, therefore, shouldn’t criticize him.

Whats your opinion on the track?